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T here are two types of abuse in prison in Egypt: mental and physical. If I had to choose, I would always choose the physical abuse — anything mental is times worse.
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A body cavity search , also known simply as a cavity search , is either a visual search or a manual internal inspection of body cavities for prohibited materials contraband , such as illegal drugs, money, jewelry, or weapons. Body cavities used for concealment include nostrils , ears , mouth , navel , penis urethra and foreskin...
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The women were ordered to line up outdoors, strip, and toss their clothes onto the concrete in front of them. Beneath their bare feet, oil from the buses that regularly idled on the same spot mingled with blood left by previous waves of female prisoners.
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She was first accused of theft and then allegedly stripped and beaten up in the lockup of a police station in the Indian state of Haryana. The year-old woman from Assam who worked as a domestic help in a bungalow in the upscale DLF Phase 1 area in Gurgaon, was taken to the police...
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Jump to navigation Skip navigation. A culture of punishment, combined with race- and class-based animus, has led the United States to rely on incarceration more heavily than any other country in the world does. The politicization of criminal justice policy and a lack of...
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The Stanford Prison Experiment SPE was a social psychology experiment that attempted to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power, focusing on the struggle between prisoners and prison officers. It was conducted at Stanford University on the days of August 14—20, , by a research group led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo using college students.
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A certified class action lawsuit asserted that in female inmates at an Illinois prison were subjected to strip searches during a training exercise for cadet guards. The women were compelled to stand nude, almost shoulder to shoulder with other prisoners in an area where they...
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They were handcuffed and made to walk to a gymnasium. Once there, they stood facing the wall for more than an hour until the guards started taking groups of four to 10 into a adjoining bathroom and beauty shop in the gym.
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procedures and extorted money from citizens at roadblocks (see Section 2.d.) young male refugees were stripped and searched for tattoos, scarification, Some of these young men were reported to have been detained in local jails in the.Get Informed : Subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates, analysis and context straight to your email. In the early morning of Feb. For the past 19 hours , prisoners had taken control of the C unit at Vaughn. A few prisoners barricaded the doors with water-filled lockers and took four correction workers and several other prisoners hostage. Ultimately, one correction officer, Steven Floyd, was killed.... Read more