YouTube - November 2019 - 68.2K views
The Gay Officers Action League was established in as an activist organization on behalf of gay and lesbian law enforcement personnel in New York City. Originally a fraternal organization, GOAL advocates for the rights of its members and assists on issues regarding discrimination, harassment, and disparate treatment in the workplace. GOAL's members...
YouTube - July 2019 - 75.6K views
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As times have changed, police forces have adapted by adding LGBTQ divisions, officers and committees within their ranks to account for legislation established by governments to protect individuals who previously had little or no voice when it came to laws impacting their own...
YouTube - March 2019 - 80.5K views
Support is something of a loaded word for Downey. As a member of the NYPD, his job is to help and protect the public at large.
YouTube - January 2019 - 88.2K views
I n , when I joined the police, homophobia was rife. For many straight cops, being gay was seen as unnatural. I moved stations and continued to police other gay men under outdated laws, with me and my colleagues often looking for gay men on the canal towpath we...
YouTube - November 2019 - 13.8K views
Bernstein uconn. While fear among gay men and lesbians about being out in a masculinist environment is not surprising, this article examines what heterosexuals expect will happen when gay men and lesbians come out.
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