YouTube - January 2019 - 51.9K views
By Anonymous. I walk into the locker room, throw my clothes off and head to the showers. The water is warm.
YouTube - September 2019 - 65.6K views
Space can get really tight—recently, it was so crowded that a man who was crouching down to get his stuff out of one of the lower lockers squatted his butt on my water bottle that was sitting at the edge of the bench. Sometimes a particularly good-natured patron will remark on how...
YouTube - July 2019 - 77.4K views
So why is it done in public locker rooms? Probably due to cost of building and cleaning those areas.
YouTube - January 2019 - 63.6K views
Top definition. Room in which high school kids change for gym classes.
YouTube - September 2019 - 74.8K views
Gays have never been more prominent in sports than they are now. What with NFL draft hopeful Michael Sam coming out and Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay major athlete when he suited up against the Lakers last weekend, we seem to be making great strides in changing perceptions of homosexuality in athletics. We got to...
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