YouTube - January 2019 - 6.8K views
By Carly Stern For Dailymail. Angling to get the abs of a Victoria's Secret model?
YouTube - May 2019 - 61.9K views
You've crunched, planked, maybe even crash dieted. Now turn your navel-gazing attention to the real science that will help you sculpt flat abs.
YouTube - March 2019 - 59.5K views
It looks like everywhere you look nowadays, you find site after website promising to show another secret or long lost reality into getting six pack abs. Though a number of these websites are valid, most are just trying to scam you from your hard earned cash. The one most...
YouTube - May 2019 - 51.6K views
By Garry Trainer, Osteopath. It's a busy time of year in my back clinic. January brings with it New Year fitness resolutions, and millions of Britons throw themselves into demanding workout routines — often after months, if not years, of doing little or no activity.
YouTube - October 2019 - 41.4K views
But there are some exercises that can help you on your way to a stronger, more sculpted core—and I'm not talking about crunches. That's because it engages your deep inner core, including your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor.
YouTube - March 2019 - 6.4K views
Exercising is vital in order to be healthy. If you want to maintain an optimal health condition and look good at the same time, you must engage yourself with physical activities like working out. Regular exercise also increases your strength, flexibility,...
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Fellow crunches abs then oils up
If you really are after a flatter tummy or washboard abs, doing A variant is the stomach crunch, which involves raising the body up to half way.

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