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He is also recognized for his style of singing, that has a low, slurry tone, and his renouncement of gender norms. Bunny was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and was in love with singing from an early age.
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Bad Bunny is killing it right now. In the space of just three short years he's gone from being a promising young Latin trap star to one of the biggest artists in the world. It's not just his music that fans and critics love though.
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Screenshot via Bad Bunny's video for "Chambea". Still, he occupies a delicate space.
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Coat by Burberry. One is an unstoppable Latin trap king who has screeched past the language barrier into global stardom.
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What followed was a messy case study of a rapper attempting to reinvent masculinity outside of homophobia — however clumsily and problematically — in a genre steeped in machismo. What year is it? What do you call this?
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Bad bunny is gay
Bad Bunny, the Latin trap king, talks with Spanish singer Rosalía about sunglasses, acrylic nails, and his debut And then it was, “I'm gay.An early success only comes to few, others have to wait and work to their bones to reach such heights! Bad Bunny, the Spanish rapper, just happens to be top brass on the list of early succeeders. Emerging as a young rapper in the year , the Puerto Rican singer has now been counted as one of the earliest influential rappers in history. No wonder the fame has given the singer so much public attention that he has been constantly receiving many comments and admirations.... Read more